Air terminal unit can be considered as a local air handling device for individual zone within a building. The air terminal unit manages supply air from a central air handling station by controlling the volume and temperature of air supplied to the space via the air diffuser. All air terminal units consist of a supply inlet duct connection, discharge outlet air connection, and at least one damper assembly, located in between for volume control of primary airflow. Air terminal unit are often referred to as VAV (Variable Air Volume) unit because the airflow to the space can be adjusted, based on varying loads in the space. Automatic controls are typically applied to air terminal unit for the modulation of the primary air dumper and optional reheat accessories, such as secondary fans, hot water coils, and electric heating coils


  • AHRI listings for certified performance in accordance aith AHRI Standard 880 testing standard
  • Airflow capacities from 40 to 7000 CFM providing airflow control for most commercial applications Round inlet sizes from 4” through 16” diameter.
  • Digital, analog, or pneumatic controls with pressure independent or dependent control packages  allows tailoring to many building systems.
  • K4 Line across four quadrant, multi-point center averaging sensor, offers low resistance to airflow while providing amplified velocity pressure signal to the controller

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