UVMatrix™ AS: An array of UVC lamps that generate a high level of germicidal or anti-microbial intensity
The Ultravation UVMatrix™ AS-Series is designed to expose the air circulating through HVAC airways to high levels of UVC energy. The result is the destruction of airborne bacteria and viruses that accumulate in indoor air. By reducing concentrations of airborne pathogens, the risk of infection for people in a building to colds, the flu ­­— virtually all types of communicable diseases via airborne transmission — is similarly reduced. Whether a hospital, a school or an office environment, keeping the air as healthy as possible has its obvious benefits. The AS-Series is designed specifically for the reduction of airborne pathogens, silently and with no by-products, such as ozone, generated.


  • Improvement of indoor air quality by reducing of airborne pathogens
  • Odor reduction (when due to bio-contamination)
  • Allergy relief

Ultravation’s Product

UMX 1202T (Ultramax with two lamps)

UMX 1902T (Ultramax with one lamp)