TGM (Grille Mount Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner)

Trion TGM return air pore-plate electronic air cleaner is designed for the places where the indoor air quality needs to be improved on the one hand and the installation of air-duct air cleaning system is infeasible, such as the return air outlet of fan coil, etc. It can be horizontally or vertically installed in the suspending ceiling, sidewall and other places. The TGM is designed with the dust- collecting, which can be dismounted when being inclined, the high- frequency impulse power supply and proprietary degrading power supply selecting system.


  • The applicable airflow is 1700M3/H and 3,400M3/H: Multiple selections are provided for the user.
  • Newly designed spring-positioning device for dust collecting: The dust-collecting chamber can be taken out even in a narrow space.
  • Aluminum integrated chip: The compacted and light design can facilitate the daily moving and cleaning.
  • Integrated operation with fan coil, as demanded.
  • Installation with knurled screws: the installation is simple.
  • Movable pore plate: the thorough cleaning is convenient.
  • Enough internal wiring space: the site wiring is easy.

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