Grease Viper

The Trion® Grease Viper Series is designed to treat grease, smoke, and odor emissions from exhaust ducts on commercial cooking applications. The Grease Viper can be configured with multiple stages of filtration for both particulate and odor control, and is typically furnished as a complete pollution control unit with automatic water-wash components for electrostatic precipitator filters, odor control section, exhaust fan, system rails, pre-piped fire suppression nozzles, and necessary controls. Standalone restaurants, mixed-use and high rise buildings, casinos, hotels, hospitals, corporate cafeterias, and government buildings are just a sampling of the installations using Trion pollution control systems to alleviate the environmental impact of commercial kitchen exhaust emissions.


  • Design in accordance with NFPA 96-2011 criteria
  •  ETL Agency Listing per UL-867 and UL-710
  • Electrostatic Cells with Spiked Ionizers and Ceramic Insulators
  • Solid State Power Supplies
  • Water-wash Components
  • Integrated PLC Controls for Sequencing of Automatic Wash Syste­­m
  • Remote Status Panel with LED Indicators
  • High-Capacity Odor Control Panels
  • Fan Package (UL-762 Rated for Kitchen Exhaust)
  • Optional Fire Suppression coverage with Ansul® Nozzles
(to comply with NFPA 96 requirements)​
  • Optional Mounting Rail Base for Simplified Installation

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