EFB (Electronic Filter Bank)

Trion EFB is an ideal commercial central air- conditioning system (HVAC) air cleaner and has the communication interface to the building management system for the remote control. It can capture small particles (0.01μm minimally) and is generally used in the mixed section of combined air-conditioning units, fresh air fan units, etc.


  • The single-unit airflow is large.
  • Multiple modules are optional and can be conveniently combined.
  • It has the pre-filter screen to effectively protect the ionizing/dust collecting units.
  • It has the communication interface to the building management system.
  • The solid-type self-adjusting power supply is adopted to protect the equipment and keep the high efficiency.
  • It is equipped with the airflow inductive interlock protection switch (AFS): Provide effective protection for the cleaner.
  • The safe and reliable high-voltage contact design is used.
  • The signal indicator is used to indicate the operating state of the equipment.
  • The fault indicator can provide automatic alarming.
  • The cleaning indicator can remind you to clean the filter screen and dust-collecting unit.

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